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      EN : Hello everyone, I'm Elvis, a very naughty, cool, smart, sweet and gentleman Scootish Fold breed cat of 6 years old. My mother is a personal development specialist, my father is a successful music producer and DJ.  As  you  can  see,  my  father's  greatest  hobby  apart  from  music  produce  is  creating  funny  and 

entertaining unique characters by working on me :) Every character he creates by spending time in his spare time other than music produce has a special message in itself and a project in every collection.


Do not forget that by purchasing the characters that are most similar to you, that you like and that are fun, you will contribute to many projects such as providing nature to breathe more, educating children well, meeting the vital needs of my friends.

If you have fun and special project ideas for our newly prepared collections, please share them with us.

Email :

Best Regards Elvis...


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